Guenther Kahlert

Research Scientist

Dr. Kahlert is an expert in advanced analytical systems, bioinformatics, process development and automation. Apart from having a doctoral degree in molecular biology, he is also a certified mechanic for machinery and systems. For more than ten years Dr. Kahlert has integrated both of these skills in the field of molecular medicine. He has improved shotgun proteomics, selected reaction monitoring, data-independent acquisition methods and their associated data analysis, using various types of mass spectrometers. His research activities comprise high-throughput drug target identification, LC/MS method development, protein modification detection, protein interaction screenings and the development of automated sample preparation. Dr. Kahlert elucidated the modification and interaction pattern of a family of transcription factors involved in cell signaling and carcinogenesis in Germany. In the US he continued his research by developing a high-throughput method for detecting protein-small molecule interactions in complex proteomes, screening novel drugs for their targets in the fight against bacterial infectious diseases and human medical conditions.