Mukul Midha

Research Scientist

Dr. Midha’s research is focused onto understanding the early events which activate the development of metabolic disorders using different quantitative proteomics strategies, in particular with high resolution mass spectrometry.  Dr. Midha studied the molecular mechanism associated with obesity and diabetes signaling pathways in mouse models and received his PhD from Immunology department, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, India in 2013.  Post PhD, he joined as a Research Associate at THSTI, India and worked on SWATH-MS for absolute quantification of mycobacterial proteins during human macrophage infection.  He joined ISB in 2016 as a Post-Doctoral fellow.  His current interests are standardizing and implementing different chromatography and MS setups in the field of label free quantitative proteomics.

  • Proteomics
  • Mass Spectrometry


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